【THE Mod MONTHLY】2月 -ワイルドペニーⅢ-


THE Mod MONTHLY -February

This is the first model of [THE Mod MONTHLY] proposed by Negroni for 2023.
The performance as a driving shoe is kept as it is,unprecedented color combination,Please enjoy the seasonal pair that changes every month.

This model is,limited to 3 weeksInWeb Store OnlyAvailable for purchase only on our web store.

The "Mod" Wild Penny III

For February's limited edition "Mod" item, we introduce the Wild Penny III, luxuriously finished in luxurious red oil suede. The distinctive penny loafer slit is made of carbon fiber. In addition, the carbon leather used in the heel section gives the entire upper a sharp look with red stitching.


About Wild Penny III

The heel step and lining are made of motorhide vintage leather, which develops its own unique flavor over time, and a comfortable thick cushion is built in under the lining. Combined with the air cushioning mechanism in the rubber sole, Hovercraft ®️, it reduces stress while walking. In addition, Wild Penny's shoe tree shape was developed based on a slip-on tree shape with 2E as the standard. Although sufficient room is provided for the toes, the instep may feel tighter at the beginning of the shoe compared to other sneaker models due to the characteristics of the slip-on.

Price: ¥47,300 (tax included)
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