Press Release] Fuji Speedway and Negroni Collaboration Model New Colors Released

Press Release] Fuji Speedway and Negroni Collaboration Model New Colors Released

Driving shoes from Japan "Negroni", new color of collaboration model with Fuji Speedway "Ignition Red & Carbon Fiber" now on sale.

First public showing at Fuji Speedway where the final SUPER GT race will be held on November 27 (Sat.) - 28 (Sun.)

Marumitsu Corporation (Representative Director: Akemi Miyabe, Location: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo), the Japanese driving shoe brand NEGRONI, is pleased to announce the release of the new "Grand Prix Hightop Fuji" model in collaboration with Fuji Speedway, one of the most famous international circuits in Japan, in the new colors Ignition Red & Carbon Fiber" and will go on sale on November 27, 2021.

The new "Ignition Red & Carbon Fiber" model will be on sale for the first time at the restaurant and goods store "CLANE BOX" (CLANE Garden) and the specially set up merchandise shop by the grandstand at Fuji Speedway, where the final SUPER GT race will be held on November 27 (Sat.) - 28 (Sun.). The latest special collaboration model will be unveiled for the first time. Please come and see the latest special collaboration model.

Price : ¥55,000 (including tax and shipping)
Release Date :November 27, 2021
Available at : "CLANE BOX", a restaurant and goods store in Fuji Speedway
Negroni official web store ( )
Currently, production on order.

<Product image




Collaboration model boldly incorporating the Fuji Speedway course layout on the side vamps
The Grand Prix Hi Top Fuji (G.P.HI FUJI) is a collaboration model that boldly incorporates the Fuji Speedway course layout on the side vamps, based on the Grand Prix Hi Top, which was based on a racing shoe design motif from the 1960s. Many iconic cornering lines are expressed by leather piping. The result is a modern, speedy atmosphere.

The wooden pattern uses the new GRS last, which fits the entire foot three-dimensionally with an S-curve structure. The GRS last is designed to provide a sporty driving experience with a sense of tension, in addition to everyday driving. In addition, the uniquely developed bucket insole provides a three-dimensional heel and arch hold, creating a smooth and comfortable fit that is easy to incorporate into everyday lifestyle situations. As with all Negroni products, the sole can be replaced and restoration services can be performed at the factory.

In addition to the new color, three other colors, "CARBON FIBRE" and "TITANIUM WHITE," are available.

Ignition Red & Carbon Fiber" is an eye-catching new color with passionate coloring.
IGNITION RED & CARBON FIBER", which will be released at the same time as the final SUPER GT race in 2021, is an eye-catching new color with a passionate coloring. The use of Tuscan oil suede, which boasts a beautiful, dull, flame-like coloration, contrasted with matte carbon fiber, expresses the racing spirit that resides on the race circuit.

Comment from Takayuki Sakai, Fuji Speedway

Collaboration with Negroni, a longtime dream of mine
It is with great emotion that I am able to announce my long-time dream of collaborating with Negroni. I believe that all the elements of the collaboration, from concept to design and branding, have matched each other, resulting in an unprecedented and wonderful collaboration.

Negroni has built a solid position as a driving shoe from Japan, and I think it is a great brand that is supported by a wide range of people, from the average car enthusiast (ensou) to top drivers. In addition, I think Negroni is recognized not only for its functionality as driving shoes, but also as fashion shoes with a high design ability to produce a fashionable look on the feet.

In the future, we would be happy to collaborate on a variety of products that add a motorsports element to our shoes. We hope that this wonderful collaboration will lead to the expansion of Negroni fans and Fuji Speedway fans, and bring smiles to the faces of our customers.

Shuhei Miyabe, Brand Director, Negroni commented
Ignition Red has the energy and strength to light a flame in the heart.
I am very pleased to present here the new color "Ignition Red & Carbon Fiber" for the final round of this season's SUPER GT season.

Looking back, this collaboration project was in the middle of April last year in 2020. I remember that we started to plan this project in the middle of April 2020, when the Japanese racing scene was forced to stop almost all activities due to an unprecedented virus. During those uncertain days, I asked Mr. Sakai of Fuji Speedway, who I had known for a long time, if he would like to collaborate with me in creating something, dreaming of the days when we can truly enjoy racing again. This was the beginning of this project.

Since then, a year and a half has passed, the world is gradually recovering, and people's love and passion for motorsports have grown deeper. These shoes were developed with the hope that the same wonderful day would come. And this Ignition Red has the energy and strength to light a flame in the heart.

Once you put your feet in these shoes, you will truly feel the passion of Negroni and Fuji Speedway."

<富士スピードウェイコラボレーション新色発売記念> Brand Director Shuhei Miyabe will visit the venue on November 28 (Sunday), the day of the final SUPER GT race
On Sunday, November 28, Shuhei Miyabe, Brand Director of Negroni, will visit Fuji Speedway to personally introduce and unveil the new "Ignition Red & Carbon Fiber". In addition to introducing the new products, he will also share his philosophy and thoughts on design and materials.

Date: Sunday, November 28, 2021, 11:00 - 16:00 (time to be confirmed)
Place: Restaurant and goods store "CLANE BOX" (CLANE Garden) in Fuji Speedway
Fuji Speedway special merchandise store on the Grandstand side
Fuji Speedway Official Site:

Shuhei Miyabe Profile

Born in Tokyo, 1984.
After working as a magazine editor, he joined Marumitsu, a shoe manufacturing company run by his family at the age of 25. He started to be involved in shoe design and production. Since 2015, when he became brand director, he has participated in the "GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED" and "GOODWOOD REVIVAL and "GOODWOOD REVIVAL" every year, gaining overwhelming support from car makers and enthusiasts from various countries.

About Negroni
Negroni is a Japanese car life brand focusing on driving shoes and leather goods. Using luxurious high-quality Italian leather and rubber materials, the company manufactures driving shoes in its own factory in Tokyo with designs that are easy to incorporate into one's lifestyle.

The reason why Negroni enjoys overwhelming support from car enthusiasts in Japan and abroad is because of its "outstanding maneuverability" and "sophisticated comfort. The Negroni overturns the concept of driving shoes, which tend to be too sharp and difficult to use in terms of both function and fashion, and has achieved the optimum balance so that they can be used seamlessly both in daily life and in hard driving.

For more information on the Negroni brand, please visit the official Negroni website.

For more information on the Negroni brand, please visit the official Negroni website.
Negroni Factory Tokyo
Business hours: 10:00-17:00 weekdays
TEL : 03-3801-8591
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