NEGRONI is available as a tax return gift from hometowns.

《NEWS》The Choice of NEGRONI as a Hometown Taxpayer

We are pleased to announce that NEGRONI has been registered as a tax return gift from Arakawa-ku, Tokyo.

The NEGRONI "Idea", one of the most popular NEGRONI products, is available as a tax-refundable gift.

Negroni leather is one of NEGRONI's representative leathers, which becomes more comfortable as you use it more and more, and has a colorful appearance and toughness.
Please experience the fit and ease of walking that will make you want to go out not only for driving but also for walking around town and shopping.

The NEGRONI staff has carefully selected three especially popular colors.


IDEA Black & Red

IDEA Silver & Blue

IDEA Blue & Silver


Please enjoy the world view of NEGRONI even in your hometown.


If you wish to use this service as a Furusato tax payment, please make sure to apply from the Furusato tax payment site.

Please contact the Furusato Tax Payment site for procedures and inquiries regarding Furusato Tax Payment.