Original key chain

Original key chain

♢Present for purchasers

To commemorate the Summer Exhibition, Negroni is offering a small gift as a token of our appreciation. This time, all customers who purchase driving shoes, sole repair/full restoration pack, or collector's pack during the period will receive a Negroni Factory original leather key ring. Everything is handmade by Negroni Factory staff for this exhibition.

From the cutting of the leather to the selection of the metal fittings and the coloring work on the edges, the product is completed through careful manual work.

First, the leather is cut.

This time, we chose thick, stamped leather. The leather has good coloring and is sturdy enough to be used easily.

The edges are colored by hand.

This is the process of so-called "koba-nuri. The edges are painted the same color as the leather. This process is a traditional technique unique to leather goods craftsmen. The Negroni staff at the driving shoe factory is currently studying this technique.

Drying the colored leather

After several coats, the leather is left to dry naturally overnight. The light shining through the window is beautiful.

The NEGRONI logo is stamped on the cut parts.

The parts are then heated to 170 degrees Celsius and pressed. The parts gradually come to life.

Sewing the parts to which metal fittings are to be attached.

Using a sewing machine, the parts to which metal fittings will be attached are sewn on. The product is nearing completion.

Attaching the metal fittings for the finishing touches.

After these processes, the key chain is completed. These are not for sale, available only at this exhibition.

♢How to use

This metal fixture can be opened and closed with a flat-blade screwdriver at the side assembly screw part, and a key can be attached. Unlike ordinary key rings, it looks very smart.

There are a total of seven colors to choose from.








Please choose one color of your choice and indicate the color when you place your order. If we do not hear from you within 2 days of your order, we will decide on the color. Please understand this in advance.
We hope you can feel the handiwork of the Negroni staff through this key chain.