Presenting the new standard auto color pocket.

Presenting the new standard auto color pocket.

To help Festive Week customers enjoy the event even more.
Negroni's factory team has developed a new standard for small souvenirs.

The Autocolour Pocket is a bi-colored coin purse with a simple half-moon silhouette.

Designed with exquisite dimensions, this pocket can hold not only coins but also house keys, smart keys, earphones, personal seals, pill cases, etc... You can easily store small items that you tend to have trouble storing in your daily life. The compact size that fits in the palm of your hand and the large zipper opening make it easy to take small items in and out.

This item will be given away to customers who make a purchase of ¥20,000 or more during this event (~January 10). This item will also be sold as a regular Negroni souvenir in the future.

This pocket is cut by a very compact single blade mold. This size is made with dimensions that allow it to easily fit inside a small piece of leather.
Negroni Factory has been looking for a way to make use of the pieces of leather that are cut, which are often produced during the production of our products. Although leather is used as effectively as possible by our craftsmen, it is actually very difficult to make use of the leather pieces that are always randomly generated and have always been a source of concern for us.

The Auto Color Pocket is a very sustainable item for the manufacturer because it can be composed of two different colors of leather. With this product, we can reduce waste and get one step closer to zero-waste.


And, as the name of the product suggests, we are constructing it with exciting auto color (car body color) combinations in mind. National colors, racing colors, rally colors, sponsor colors, interior colors... the inspiration never stops. We hope that when you encounter a coloring, you will think to yourself, "Could this be that color? We would be happy if you could think of a coloring you might have come across.

However, we do not allow our customers to choose the color scheme of the Auto Color Pocket. This is because every coloring is a special one-of-a-kind item. The "Auto Color Pocket" will be randomly selected and delivered to you. We hope you enjoy your encounter with new colors. If it is not your favorite color, you may give it as a small gift to someone else.
As an alternative, we sometimes include "bites" selected by our staff. There are also a few special pockets mixed in that are composed of the finest Lombardy tan. The winner is very lucky!

Incidentally, the director's winner was a combination of resin yellow and charcoal gray, reminiscent of Lotus Elan. (Even the director and staff cannot choose their favorite color!) ) The gentle coloring gives a good impression, but he really wanted his favorite, British Racing Green.