THE Mod MONTHLY] July - Idea Corsa

THE Mod MONTHLY] July - Idea Corsa


THE Mod MONTHLY" proposed by Negroni has started.
The performance as a driving shoe is kept as it is,
Color combination that has never been seen before,
Please enjoy the seasonal pair that changes every month.

This model is,limited to 3 weeksInWeb Store OnlyAvailable for purchase only on our web store.

Modified Idea Corsa

July's limited edition "Mod" offering is a special Idea Corsa with a silver body trimmed in smoking calf mustard. This modification is a fine coloring that balances sportiness and classicism.The upper, laces, and sole are made of a special calfskin leather. The upper, laces, and sole are consistently neutral in color tone, while the carbon fiber shine adds a touch of class. The interior lining, normally silver, has been changed to a black functional polyester fabric that is resistant to temperature changes inside the shoe.

Idea Corsa is Negroni's flagship model designed to be the ideal driving shoe. It boasts outstanding maneuverability and comfort with a strong fit that holds the entire foot. The side emblems are made of coated carbon prepreg, the most advanced carbon material available. The heel, topline, and iconic twin eyelets are made of scratch- and stain-resistant carbon split leather, creating a strong center line. The vivid contrast between the luxurious materials creates a sophisticated driver's style.

Price: ¥42,900 (tax included)
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