THE Mod MONTHLY] August -Quattro

THE Mod MONTHLY] August -Quattro


This is the second installment of [THE Mod MONTHLY] proposed by Negroni.
The performance as a driving shoe is kept as it is,
Color combination that has never been seen before,
Please enjoy the seasonal pair that changes every month.

This model is,limited to 3 weeksInWeb Store OnlyAvailable for purchase only on our web store.

Quattro "modded".

The limited edition "Mod" product for August is a fresh-looking quattro with a greyhound suede body and ink blue color. The white sole, which could only be reproduced with the configurator, also goes quite well with the chukker boots. Also, the light brown leather lining and the leather insole with excellent cushioning are the first combination in the quattro. (This customization is not available in the configurator.)
Take this opportunity to enjoy a cool and special Quattro!


Quattro has all the necessary elements for a driving shoe in a simple and modern design. The upper is made of high quality Tuscan suede with beautiful fur. While following the style of a traditional chukka boot, the touch on the sole is extremely delicate. The unique heel topline is lowered to a level that does not interfere with the pedal touch, and the excellent fit of the upper, which seems to absorb into the foot, and the excellent hold of the chukka boot, make this an excellent work that brings new ideas to the traditional driving shoe.

Price: ¥37,400 (tax included)
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