Carrozzeria Negroni 11th Online Event Update (Updated March 22)

Carrozzeria Negroni 11th Online Event Update (Updated March 22)

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The "Carrozzeria Negroni 11th Online" event has started on March 18 (Thursday).

What is Carrozzeria Negroni?
Carrozzeria Negroni is a very popular factory event held in Negroni Factory Tokyo that started in 2015. This year, the 11th Carrozzeria Negroni will be held online instead of in the factory to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. We have prepared a variety of plans to satisfy our customers who have visited the Factory every year, so that they will be able to enjoy the same contents online. Please visit this page for the latest information on the event, which will be updated as needed. 


Event Period

Period: Thursday, March 18, 15:00 - March 24 (Wednesday) 23:59

Venue: Special page in Negroni Web Store


Free order service by configurator

Starting after the March 18 update, the "Design Configurator System" will be implemented for the first time, enabling online pattern orders. This time, two types of Idea Corsa will be available: smooth leather version and suede version.


Within the configurator system page, users can easily simulate over 10,000 design patterns for trim, uppers, stitching, laces, and more. The color design completed in the configurator will be shipped within two months after the payment is completed.
To celebrate the event, the configurator will be open for "free" orders during the event period. We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy your first online pattern order.


Factory Outlet

Outlet items that could not be shipped due to leather defects, color irregularities, order errors, etc. during production will be available for sale on the special web store page. Many of the items are one-of-a-kind, and sizes and quantities are limited, so please be sure to check them out as soon as possible.

Added on 3/22
Item #2 will be restocked after 3/22!
Click here for details.

Gift for purchasers!

All customers who purchase driving shoes or sole repair collector's pack during this period will receive a Negroni New Flag logo tote bag. The charcoal gray body is easy to use in everyday life. The bag is sized to fit a Negroni shoebox. This is a Carrozzeria Negroni 11th exclusive gift.

Body: approx. 360 x 370 x 110 (mm), Handle / approx. 25 x 560 (mm)
Capacity: 10ℓ

The bag in the image was washed once before being photographed.


◇ Carrozzeria Plan (Buy two pairs, get one half off)

Carrozzeria Negroni's well-known "Carrozzeria Plan" is a special plan for Negroni owners that allows you to "buy two pairs and get one half off". Products ordered through the configurator are also eligible for the Carrozzeria Plan. Please refer to the following notes for details on the use of this plan.

Outlet items, leather goods, repair menu, and shoe care goods are not eligible.
The lower priced item is eligible for the 50% discount.
Carrozzeria Negroni's exclusive plan.
Only one offer per order.
Please refer to this article for details.


The contents and date of this announcement are subject to change without notice. Please understand that the contents and date may be changed without prior notice.
Points cannot be issued or used during the Carrozzeria Negroni 11th Online period. Points cannot be issued or used in conjunction with other discount coupons.