Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution

NEGRONI, a driving shoe brand from Japan, announces the launch of the NEGRONI SPH-G20 A1, a collaboration model with Alpine, in conjunction with the start of the build-to-order program and will be available from this summer.


The collaborative model with Alpine will be displayed at talk events to be held at authorized Alpine dealers throughout Japan, starting with Alpine Saitama Sakura on May 21 (Saturday). Please come and see the latest special collaboration model on site. 

Model : NEGRONI SPH-G20 A1
: To be announced at a later date
Release date: This summer
StoresNegroni official web store (, Renault Web Shop (https://www.r


Negroni echoes Alpine's philosophy with a special driving shoe, the SPH-G20 A1.

The Negroni driving shoes, which have been bringing out the driving pleasure of passionate and inquisitive top enthusiasts for years in terms of both style and functionality, are the perfect footwear for enjoying the outstanding maneuverability of the Alpine A110, the most exciting and purest French sports car of the moment, at an even higher level. The Negroni driving shoes are the perfect footwear to enjoy the outstanding maneuverability of the Alpine A110, the most exciting and pure French sports car on the road.

The "NEGRONI SPH-G20 A1" is the most sophisticated of Negroni's models, offering the most refined comfort and excellent pedal feel.The "NEGRONI SPH-G20 A1" is a collaboration model designed based on the "Spearhead" model, which boasts especially refined comfort and excellent pedal feel. The upper is a combination of shiny, heat-pressed original Negroni leather and sturdy dark navy Tuscan suede. The French red countertop is designed with a spear tip motif, and the traditional Alpine emblem logo is placed symmetrically on the left and right sides, following the design of the F1 and WEC car bodies. The eyelet edges are decorated with Alpine's iconic handmade and delicately designed tricolor flag, and the balanced and harmonized French color chart gives the car a sporty yet elegant styling. The Alpine A110 series offers a smooth and comfortable fit that blends comfortably into your lifestyle as well as your sport touring.  

In addition, thanks to Negroni's unique made-to-order production system, customers can choose between "black" and "neutral" colors for the rubber sole and "navy" and "white" for the laces when placing an order. This customization service, just like "Atelier Alpine," is a special service that only Negroni can offer, as it continues to make delicate handmade driving shoes.


Comment from Shuhei Miyabe, Brand Director, Negroni

We are very pleased to announce the reopening of the dream-like customization program called "Atelier Alpine" as well as the launch of a collaborative model between Alpine and Negroni.

I first saw the new Alpine A110 in person at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK. I was exhibiting the Negroni store stand at FoS just that year, and I was more than happy to stroll around the venue on the first day, when it was still empty, which meant press day. An unfamiliar sports car design was on display in the large Renault pavilion. It took me a while to realize that it was a modern reincarnation of the Alpine A110, despite the number plate that read "A110" and "PREMIÈRE ÉDITION" and the wheels with the A emblem logo. I had no idea that I would be the first to see the actual car that had just premiered at the Geneva Show that year. Looking back, I was probably one of the first Japanese to see the A110.

With such good fortune, the process of coming up with the idea for this collaboration project between Negroni and Alpine was unprecedentedly "smooth". When we received the offer, we had already studied the color chart for the Alpine A110, so we didn't need any special time to crosscheck the Alpine color chart with the Negroni color chart. I believe that the collaborative model "SPH-G20 A1" brings out the performance of the Alpine A110, while at the same time creating a style that can be used in a balanced manner in one's lifestyle. We have put a lot of thought into even the smallest details, so we hope you will take a look at it in person."